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Vashama Fine Jewellery

FEATURING Vashama Jewellery (@vashama_finejewellery)

Vashama - celebrates you, and connects you with the world of bespoke jewellery pieces.

Started in 2018, they pioneer in tailored contemporary pieces created just for you.

Their exquisite pieces are a blend of traditional and modern techniques using precious high quality gold and the finest gemstones with diamonds, rubies and emeralds and tanzanites at their core.

Their soul lies in offering the best to you. With their authentic jewellery manufacturing process, they evolve the design concept to creating a special experience just for YOU.

IH Loves ❤️ - Their gorgeous gold bangle beautifully studded with diamonds!

They ship across India.

To shop:

Whatsapp: +91-9820242109


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