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FEATURING IYAL (@iyal062019)

IYAL was started in June 2019 by Yuvi Priya. It helps in identifying the single use plastics and replace them with Bio-degradable products.

The ultimate goal of IYAL is to ban plastics and live in a natural way as possible. IYAL also helps in planting new trees as their products come with seeds implanted in it and once used, it can be plated to grow a beautiful plant.

Tha notion of IYAL is simple. Create awareness to ban plastics and start usage of bio-degradable products. Their range is affordable so more and more people can use them.

Seed Paper Pen | Seed Paper Pencil | Coconut Shell Tea Cup | Coconut Shell Soap Plate | Coconut Shell Wine Cup | Bamboo Jug | Bamboo Phone Stands | Bamboo Pen Stand | Bamboo Soup Bowl | Bamboo Mug

IH Loves ❤️ - All their products come with seeds implanted in them, so that once you are done using it, it can be planted to grow a tree!

They ship across India.

To shop: ✉️DM:@iyal062019

Whatsapp: +91-9176112166

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