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FEATURING Buraansh (@buraansh_)

Buraansh is a baby of Gautami Srivastava and Siddharth Lakhanpal, two Development Professionals who share a deep love for the mountains where they both grew up.

After a decade of staying away from their roots, they quit their jobs and decided to go back to share their appreciation for the rich Pahari culture with the world.

Buraansh is a platform for handmade, natural and rare Himalayan offerings. As an enterprise that has evolved in the mountains, Buraansh directly engages with the rural producer to connect them with the conscious buyer who would appreciate their efforts.

IH Loves - Their finest quality Organic Wild Morel (Gucchi) mushrooms which are the rarest type of edible mushrooms found and add amazing flavors to your food!

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