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Wardrobe Cravings

FEATURING Wardrobe Cravings (@wardrobe_cravings_)

Wardrobe Cravings was initiated by Yashwanthi Guruswami. It is a handcrafted jewellery store to suit all womankind.

It is merely a tea time story start up and so Wardrobe Cravings did happen when the love for art hit hard.

They have a variety of exquisite jewellery designs that would never fail to excite the woman in you. They fabricate jewellery that accents elegance. They handcraft every product with love.

Polymer Clay | Terracotta | Silk Thread Jewellery

IH Loves ❤️ - Their beautiful Silk thread Bangles! Can be customized to suit your outfit!

They ship across India.

To shop: ✉️DM:@wardrobe_cravings_

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